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TrustedShops 23

TrustedShops 23

Product Code: swt-017-23

36.00 € *

Display the Badge (and optional buyer protection) as well as reviews and stars of Trustedshops.
More information about at TrustedShops


  • Settings per Store (= Multistore)
  • Activation of buyer protection
  • Limitation to customer group(s)
  • Limitation to gezone(s)
  • Display badge at defined views (Layouts)
  • Combination of all settings possible
  • Defineable delay of badge
  • Store clicks on badge locale (= Reports)
  • Display exiting reviews
  • Display review stars (additional/or)
  • Submit product data for reviews
  • Defineable estimated shipping date (required by Google)
  • Defineable positions and opacity of badge
  • Custom test for tab (= Reviews) and Header (incl. HTML-Tags)
  • Defineable colours for border, font, stars, and more ..
  • Definebale size of stars
  • Additional custom CSS
  • Optional scroll to reviews at click on product rating (incl. automatic opening of reviews)
  • Testmode (selectable test-IDs)
  • Developermode
  • Support for all languages offered by Trustedshops

Note: if the Certification at TrustedShops is made through us, this module is integrated and is free of charge.

TrustedShops 23
Display the Badge (and optional buyer protection) as well as reviews and stars of Trustedshops.More ..
36.00 € *
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