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You have bought our Extension here or at the OpenCart Marketplace following is valid:

  • no time limit for subversion (2. & 3. digit of extension version) = Lifetime Update
  • Extension is bought here: go to to your Account > Downloads and get the new vesion
  • Extension is bought at OpenCart: send us an Email to support [at] osworx [dot] net with the purchase details

Each extension will be updated automatically when subversion (= 2. and 3. position of version number) is changing and is available over your account (see Downloads).
Requirement is that you have purchased as registered and logged in customer.

If the main version number is changing (1. position), you are entitled to request a update.

To do so, please write an email to: support [at] osworx [dot] net and attach the invoice.

For already purchased extensions, we charge following fees from the current price:

  • Purchase within the last 12 months = 50%
  • Purchase over 12 months = 75%

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

A SLA defines the contract between the vendor (us) and the customer (you). Main purpose is to guarentee the quality of services.

A SLA can be signed any time and is created indidually between the two parties. It contain (e.g.):

  1. Durance
  2. Targets
  3. Responsibilites of vendor and customerr
  4. Communication between vendor and customer
  5. Service times
  6. Type and level
  7. Time of response
  8. Sanctions

For example a SLA can be created to maintain the extensions, check the security of the webshop, making backups.

Release: 2020.04.05


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