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We understand that you want to know how much a Project, an Idea will cost before you hire us. The sooner the better. That's why we have the ..

OSWorX Project Process

  1. We investigate into the Project as long as we have enough informations to give a quick estimate
  2. If that estimate is within your budget, we continue to investigate
  3. You will receive then a Quote
  4. If that fit within your budget, we will invoice a 50% deposit. Once this is paid, we proceed
  5. Once the projekt is finalized, you get a second Invoice about the remaining 50%
  6. Once this amount has received, we hand over the project (e.g. per Email or transfer the files to the server of your choice)

The project itself is deployed on one of our own servers. You will have access to the project until it is closed.

As you can imagine, much have to spend much time into, and this time has to be paid. Therefore we charge per quote an amount of  70,- Euro (plus VAT). If you hire us, 35% of that will reduced from the final agreed project price.

Stand: 2020.09.25


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