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OpenCart 3.1.x

Extensions, Templates, Modules, Languages for OpenCart 3.1.x

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OpenGraph 3.1.x

OpenGraph 3.1.x

Brand: OSWorX

Product Code: swpr-027-31

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OpenGraph Metatags for OpenCart

Add proper OpenGraph metatags to the header section of the template.

Metatags are build for:

  1. shop mainpage
  2. all product pages
  3. all category pages
  4. all text pages (informations)
  5. manufacturer

Support for following metatags:

  • type
  • site_name
  • locale
  • title
  • image
  • image:width
  • image:height
  • image:type
  • description
  • url

Additonal for products:

  • price:amount
  • price:currency

Has a product additonal images, are these also added.

Note: image properties are build dynamically based on real image attributes.

OpenGraph 3.1.x
OpenGraph Metatags for OpenCartAdd proper OpenGraph metatags to the header section of the template.M..
8.00 € *
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