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German 2.x

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Complete German Translation for admin (Backend) and user (Frontend / shop).

Installation (and/or Update)

Method 1 (shop is already not installed and to use German during the installation process)
To install this language package, extract the zipped package locally and transfer the files (same structure as you can see) with your FTP-Program to your server (current shop files but shop is not installed already).

During the installation process, select the language you want.
After the shop installation is done, you will see a message at step 4 (summary).

To use German in the shop, you have to click on the link displayed inside the message window!

Method 2 (shop is already installed or to update existing language files)
To install this language package, navigate in the backend to Extensions > Installer, select this package and follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: if you want to update an existing translation, disable and delete first this extension (Menu Extensions > Modifications)

Method 3 (shop is already full installed and running)
The language package installer can be used also as 'stand-alone' solution.
This is applicable only if your shop is already full installed and running.
Simply open your browser, and use:


(replace http with https if SSL is used, and YOURSHOPURL with your real URL)

OpenCart 2.x
OCMod Yes

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