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Order Email Copy PRO 30

14.40 € *
  • Brand: OSWorX
  • Product Code: swpr-031-30

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With Order Email Copy Pro you are able to resend the original order email.

Maybe customer/client did not get it, or want it again. Or you want to send a copy to your bookkeeping department, store, etc..

No problem with this Extension. It adds automatically a new button to your order info view (backend). There send it again with one simple click.

Difference between free (FREE) Version and this PRO Version:

  • send to customer only
  • send to additional, custom, infinite receiver(s)
  • send to customer and/or further receiver(s) [optional]
  • add custom comment [optional]
  • save default values for common fields (e.g. receiver, comment)
  • display note when Extension is disabled or user has no access

German & English included per default.

OpenCart 3.0.x
Event Yes
Version 1.0.1

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