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Acc. the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are websites (and therefore also webshops) responsible to submit personal data as less as possible.

In the case of calling Google Fonts directly from servers of Google (location is then in the USA), a violation against the GDPR (Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a) is given.


Because the EC (European Community) has still no valid data protection regulation with the Unites States - and by sending the users personal IP-Address to them (which is done automatically each time a font is called) the violation is fact..

And because based on this fact, such so called "Dataprotection Laywers" (I call them gangsters)  are suing the website owners (Germany) or send them a "cease and desist" (Austria).

Here the decision of the German Court in Munich from the 20. January 2022 (Az.: 3 O 17493/20)

This service is offered as "personal service".

Reason for doing such is, each webshop is build in a different way, and we want to be sure that our work is done 100% correct.

The working steps in detail:

  1. Scan of the whole webshop
  2. Embedd the former fonts as locale
  3. Serveral test after successful work

After the work is done, we will guarantee that the fonts are called correct. This guarantee is valid as long as no further modifications are done after our work.

The guarantee is not valid anymore the moment addionational modules are installed and as a possibel scenario again external fonts are called. In such cases an additional service for a special sprice can be booked.

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