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OpenCart php-8.x Compatibility

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Per 28th November 2022 end the support of php (secutity patches) for 7.4.x (7.4.23). Active support has already on the 21st November 2021.

Support (security) for php 7.3 ended already on the 6th December 2021, 7.2 on 30th November 2020, etc. - active support 1 year before.

What does that mean for you as webshop owner with OpenCart as base?

Your webshop is a potential security risk.

What can I do?

As soon as possible switch over to php 8.1.x (because for php 8.0.x active support ends on the 26th November 2022, secutity on the 26th November 2023).

With php 8.1.x support is guaranteed until 25th November 2023 (security until 25th November 2024).

[Source: php End of Life]

This package is offered is a "personal service" (valid for OpenCart only because this is the last stable 2.x version).

Reason for that is, each webshop is build different and we want to make sure that after the work your webshop is runing as offered.

The steps:

  1. Scan of the whole webshop
  2. Adoption of the basis
  3. Extended tests after migration

Depending on the choosen amount of additional modules, they will be also adopted.

Note: templates (except the default) are not covered by this package. If you use a custom template, please ask before for an offer - because the template has to be also migrated an many cases.

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