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Legal is a module for webshops based on OpenCart.
In all European countries it is a requirement to display several informations like prices are w./w.o. VAT, terms, final product summary, button solution, etc.
This module does this and much more.

It installs taxes, geozones and texts according to the European Laws.
Beside this, texts for prices can be easely defined and changed every time.

Legal needs for proper operating an installed VvQMod.
If VQMod is not already installed, the module will install the latest version automatically.

Legal is tested and fully working on these platforms:
- OpenCart 1.5.1.x until latest 2.2.x official published release.
- For OpenCart 2.3.x see seperate verion.


*   Maintain
    - texts automatically adding to all outgoing emails (in each active language)
    - hint for prices
    - text for prices
    - state of plugin
    - standard / special price
    - final button text
*   Install
    - locale taxes
    - locale taxclasses
    - geozone(s)
    - legal texts
*   Update to new installed geozone(s)
    - products
    - shipping methods
*   Supported countries:
    - All EC-Countries
    - Plus Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Turkey
*   Change text emails to HTML
*   Notification of admin at new registrations
*   Download new or updated plugins
*   Check for product attributes (required for summary)
*   Edit CSS directly via admin interface
*   Edit template directly via admin interface
*   Product summary, support for:
    - attributes
    - metatag description
    - 'lazy mode'
*   Buttonsolution (product summary plus adoption of last button)
*   Base Price
*    Autom. switch net / gross prices
*    Autom. check for valid UID (USt.ID, VAT-Nbr.) and storing results **
*    Autom. collect of MOSS-relevant data and export as XML **
*    Autom. update of tax rates to caclulate correct taxes and MOSS **
*    Youth protection (especially for eBooks)
*    Logging of all downloads (e.g. for PayPal)
*    Withdrawal for digital products
*    Download digital articles as guest
*    Assign articles to specific customer groups
*    Newsletter Double-Opt-In and confirmation per email
*    Social Share Privacy

** Paid additonal services, API-Key required, see API-Points

OpenCart 1.5.x, 2.x (max. 2.2.x)
VQMod Yes

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