LEGAL - THE OpenCart-Module to tranform your shop into a legal safe webshop and EU-Compliant.

Inluded (among others):

  • Buttonsolution
  • Baseprice (also for product options)
  • Hint for prices (price is included / excluded VAT, delivery)
  • Display prices in the basket with VAT (even delivery costs) > especially for Germany based shops
  • Change field telephone from required to optional
  • Sample legal texts (e,g, TOS, Privacy, Withdrawal, etc.)
  • Mask the IP-Adress (last digits)
  • Automatic email addons (e.g. Imprint, Withdrawal) - all texts can be edited
  • Additonal email texts per order state
  • Add PDF to emails
  • Check of product attributes (required for Buttonsolution)
  • Automatic adjustment of prices
  • Automatic adjustment of taxes, taxclasses, geozones
  • Automatic adjustemt of existing products and delivery methods
  • Able to add PDF to emails as link
  • Convert admin order copy emails to HTML
  • Optional display of tax value
  • Product image at final summary (part of the Buttonlösung)
  • Inclusive all taxrates for all 28 EU-Countries PLUS Liechtenstein, Swiss & Turkey
  • Editor for templates & CSS
  • Autom. switch net / gross prices
  • Autom. check for valid UID (USt.ID, VAT-Nbr.) and saving results
  • Autom. collect of MOSS-relevant data and export as XML
  • Autom. update of tax rates to caclulate correct taxes and MOSS
  • Youth Protection (e.g. for eBooks)
  • Logging of all downloads (e.g. for PayPal)
  • Withdrawal for digital products (for non-business only)
  • Download digital articles as guest
  • Assign articles to specific customer groups
  • Newsletter Double-Opt-In
  • Privacy Share Buttons (replace standard buttons)
  • Products can be edited by gross and net prices
  • Autom. update of prices if options are used (from shopversion 2.x)
  • Cookie-Consent Plugin - display notive about cookie usage (from shopversion 2.x)
  • Autom. update of Legal Texts ** (from Shopversion 2.x)

All options can be edited, even texts.

License valid for 1 domain, incl. unlimited subdoamins on same main domain.

Certified by TrustedShops

Update of Legal Texts are made by lawyers of it-recht-Kanzlei (valid subscription needed).

As addons see also Estimated Shipping Costs and Product Attributes

For Webshops based on OpenCart.

While LEGAL is basically compatible with MijoShop & AceShop, in case of troubles paid support can be given.

Included German & English language and comprehensive manual.

For OpenCart-Versions from - 2.2.x

For OpenCart-Versions 2.3.x

Product Attributes

This module displays defined product attributes in the main view - beside the price.

Normally those attributes are summarised in an extra tab below - customer may oversee them and/or will not be able to see important attributes.

It is also possible to display different delivery times - according to current regulations: customer has to know how long the delivery time will be, otherwise the order (contract) may not be valid.

An elegant solution - also to avoid possible withdrawals.

Optional disable attributes to display again in the tab attributes if already shown above.

Installation under OpenCart 2.x is done by the integrated module installer (OCMod), under 1.5 via VQMod (see readme.txt inside the package)

Inclusive English and German.

For OpenCart 1.5.x until 2.2.x

For OpenCart 2.3.x


Wassermarks - a flexible module for OpenCart to protect your images.

Watermarks can be text or images, you can place it anywhere.

Also define transparency - use any font.

Restrict after product categories and after views.

Optional with 1 year updates.

For OpenCart 1.5.x


Assign unlimited productgroups (categories) as well as single products to self defined customer groups. These products are only visible for these assigned customergroups.

With this module you get also a new unit: packaging units.

This module is ideal for shops to offer products for reseller. OpenCart itself is not able to bundle packing units and not able to restrict categories and products to single customergroups only.

Optional with 1 year automatic upates.

For OpenCart 1.5.x

Serialnumber & Productcodes

Assign unlimited serial number as well product codes within a few minutes.

A module we took care to the highest security level. Code can be send by email or after payment has arrived (preferred).

If you offer your codes in combination with a payment method like your customer will get their codes immediately with their order confirmation by email.

On the other hand access to the codes can be given also by the admin manually.

Was the payment successful, the codes will be displayed also in the customers account (if an account was created before by the customer).

Codes can be assigned free or imported by a CSV-file.

Optional with 1 year updates.

For OpenCart 1.5.x