Colored Option

Colored Option add a new field to your product options: Colorpicker

When enabled and defined, customers can choose their own colors of the product.
Chosen colors are displayed in all templates (fron- & backend) as well as in all emails.

The module has 2 modes: display as colorfield only or as color- and textfield (read how to enable in the enclosed readme).

Because this is a VQMod no files are overwritten or have to edited manually (see VQMod)

Compatibel with shops based on OpenCart 2.x

Here are some screenshots (module use selected language automatically):

Text- und Farbfeld

Nur Farbfeld

Warenkorb 3 Farben

Checkout Farbe & Text

Email Auftragsbestätigung


Backend: Auftragsansicht

Backend: Auftragsbearbeitung

Backend - new product:

Backend: Neues Produkt

Expand Scrollbox

Expand you standard scrollboxes inside OpenCart 1.5.

Inside the package you will have 3 differnt sizes: 300px, 350px, 400px - select 1 and rename to .xml.