Individual Payment Methods

Define your own, custom payment methods. A module for all payments which do not need a payment gateway ( PayPal).

Use this module to offer payments with SEPA, bank payment, money transfer, etc.

If SEPA is defined, validity of IBAN & BIC will be checked (per valid API)

Define as many payments as you need, payment methods also per customer groups only.

Some features:

  • Payment method per customergroup
  • Minimum order amount
  • MultiStore - assign payment to different stores
  • Assign to different geozones
  • Display only for selected shipping methods (optional)
  • Custom titles
  • Custom HTML-text (at checkout)
  • Add text optionally to outgoing order email
  • Check for valid IBAN
  • SEPA-Export as XML for submitting to your banking institute

A valid SEPA-mandate is created either for private or business customer (per valid API)

For OpenCart 1.5.x, 2.x (up to

Paid support for MijoShop etc. is available.

Package include comprehensive manual and German & English languages.